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Torque Developer Network is in Beta!

tdn.garagegames.com is under construction. Check back here or at the GarageGames home page to find out when TDN goes live. If you are a Torque licensee, click the login link in the top right to access TDN.

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What is the Torque Developer Network (TDN)?

  • TDN is the OFFICIAL Torque reference site for coders, artists, project leaders, level editors, modelers... anyone working with a game or project using Torque.
  • TDN has tons of documentation that is constantly being generated and updated by knowledgeable game developers.
  • TDN has tutorials ranging from a simple "Hello, world" example to complex networking solutions.
  • TDN contains White Papers and other professional research projects by leading game development universities.
  • TDN helps you learn to take your game from idea to prototype to finished product with lots of How-Tos.
  • TDN offers Game samples and Sample Chapters from many different game development books.
  • TDN is written collaboratively by Torque developers.

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